Should My Child Learn To Skate On Inline Or Roller Skates?

When a child is between the ages of four to eight, it would be an excellent time to introduce your child to skating. The health benefits cannot be overstated. By taking this sport up at a young age probably could result in your child continuing the sport into adulthood. Skating is an excellent way for your child to get some great exercise all while having fun. Another benefit is that skating helps your child with balance.

If your child is younger, I would strongly suggest that you have your child begin their skating experience on roller skates. Your child will have greater confidence and balance using roller skates than inline skates. Inline skates are harder for a young child to learn balance.

I would suggest you buy a pair of high top roller skates. They will give your child better ankle support and will help them improve their balance. A low top skate will be a little bit more challenging for a young child. The first couple of times skating should probably be at a skating rink or at an outside location that has a very smooth surface. The first impressions are always lasting impressions. If they don’t enjoy their first experience, it will be difficult to get them doing it again. As they are learning, try hard to make it a really fun experience for them.

I would also make sure that you get a skate with a wheel hardness of 85A or less. Anything harder than a 85A would be best to be used on a roller skating rink only. Unless you live very close to a rink or plan on going to the rink on a regular basis, do make sure that you follow these suggestions. By doing this, your child can put on their skates anytime and not have to wait till the family goes to the rink.

Don’t buy the cheapest pair of skates that you can find. They will fall apart after a few uses and will not give your child a good skating experience. Stay away from the cheap skates that you can find at the big box stores. If you can’t afford a good skate, then look at or some other place that sells used skates. Perhaps a friend or a neighbor has a pair of skates that they have out grown.

Finally, I would like to encourage you to have your child take a couple of lessons from a teacher at the rink. Children many times can learn faster by taking lessons from someone other than a family member. Once your child has learned to roller skate, inline skating can be learned easily.